Continuing Mission 13: A Human Story / by Trek fm

Starship Valiant with Michael L. King.

The TOS time period is a popular one for fan series, and many go to painstaking efforts to accurately reproduce every detail of the Enterprise and the unique charm of The Original Series—with breathtaking results. But a key part of Star Trek is found beyond the ships, the space battles, and the strange new worlds. The recesses of the human soul play a critical part in what makes Star Trek special; and when an independent production lacks the resources for sets and CGI great stories can still be told by turning inward.

Starship Valiant is the personal story of one man dealing with death and turmoil after events led him to assume command of the USS Valiant. Written by Michael L. King, who also plays the story's lead, Commander Jackson K. Bishop, Starship Valiant goes where great Star Trek should—into the souls of its characters.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Michael to learn more about Valiant, the origins of the story, and how the first episode, "Legacy," was put together.

Running Time: 50 minutes 20 seconds


Christopher Jones



Michael L. King



Meeting Michael (1:32)
The Genesis of Valiant (5:39)
The Story of Valiant (13:19)
The Characters (15:52)
Casting Valiant (20:34)
The Behind-the-Scenes Crew (25:42)
What's Next for Valiant? (30:34)
Premiering Episode 1 (35:21)
Closing (38:50)


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