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The Observation Lounge is the crews' chance to go off duty for an hour and embrace the wider world of geek news. Discussion includes topics from the world of movies, television, technology, or other corners of geek culture. It’s a temporary escape from Star Trek and a forum for our thoughts on topics not suitable for our other shows.

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The Observation Lounge 17: A T-Rex Can't Play Skyrim

Tiny, Tiny Arms. Enter the future of gaming with the Oculus Rift, gaze into the eyes of the past with Sauroniops, listen to the confusing and duplicitous words of George Lucas, fall into a cornucopia of wormholes with Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and hope that Ronald D. Moore’s Helix isn’t canceled.


The Observation Lounge 16: What Would Deakins Do?

Post-Oscars Post-Mortem. We talk about the joy of winning, the agony of Les Miz, our fury at Ang Lee, and our love of Jennifer Lawrence.


The Observation Lounge 15: I Buy All My Blu-rays from Taiwan

PlayStation 4 Non-Announcement. We discuss Sony’s three hour-long press conference to nowhere, Jurassic Park’s bite chunk-removable toys, Sean Connery in 3D, the twentysomething squabble-based sitcom with Batman and Superman, and more.


The Observation Lounge 14: Eat Your Popcorn Like A Man

It’s A Die Hard Knock Life. We discuss The Doctor in 3D, the future of video games, the exploding Russian meteor, the war between Tesla and the New York Times, and how manly you have to be to enjoy a “Die Hard” film.


The Observation Lounge 13: Charmey's on the Scene

House of Cards. We discuss David Fincher’s new Netflix original series House of Cards. Beware! Spoilers inside!


The Observation Lounge 12: We Regret the Error

Returning Storylines. Cory and Topanga’s daughter has been cast, “1952” has been given a title, Paul Giamatti wants a horn, DARPA has actual LASERs, The X-Files have a comic, Ellen Page may or may not have aged, David Bowie’s son has a Warcraft film, and Sony has an announcement to make.


The Observation Lounge 11: Favorite the Mind Tweet

It’s J.J. The Twitters were on fire this week with news of J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars VII, and we can barely contain our enthusiasm for how little we want to talk about it.


The Observation Lounge 10: Nothing Weird Is Going to Happen

Stalking Sequels, Games, and Dinosaurs. Unneeded sequels, Facebook stalking, and video games are just a few of the topics covered in this exciting episode!


The Observation Lounge 9: Hashtag Team Ben Affleck

The Oscars. We discuss the highs and the lows of this year’s crop of Academy Award nods.


The Observation Lounge 8: Sparkly Spinning Elf Debate Ride

Comics and TV News. We cover a smorgasbord of geeky news. Holodecks are on their way, Fraction’s “Hawkeye” can help Sandy victims, JGL is playing everyone, Stan Lee turns 90, Kathryn is packing her bags for the Wonderful World of Middle Earth, and much much more.


The Observation Lounge 7: I Have So Many Questions

Trailers. We preview 2013’s finest films. Can they survive being taken “Into Darkness” before being assaulted by a Beard “of Steel” while trapped in an “Iron” cage? Can you repeat the past? Of course “Gatsby” can. Can two films survive “After Earth” without falling into “Oblivion”?


The Observation Lounge 6: Wizards and Dwarves and Hobbits and Orcs and Goblins Oh My!

The Hobbit. We talk story points, acting, special effects and more. Tantalized by Thranduil? Riveted by Radagast? Goofy for Gloin? This is the episode for you.


The Observation Lounge 5: Ben Savage Walks Off Set

Sequels, Transformers, and Child’s Play. We discuss Syfy’s 20th anniversary, the future of TV distribution, a sequel to the Tron sequel, a man shoots his girlfriend over The Walking Dead, Ben Savage tries to save Girl Meets World, Japan builds actual Transformers, and Harrison Ford and Gavin Hood ruin Ender’s Game. 


The Observation Lounge 4: Jet-Setting Bond Nazi Killer

Batman and Beyond. We discuss reports about future Batman and X-Men films, SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome webisodes, upcoming Real Steel reality show, and Waterworld TV series.


The Observation Lounge 3: The Classic Cufflink Check

Skyfall. In this week’s episode of The Observation Lounge host Greg Harbin is joined by Michael Nixon and Andrew Johnson to discuss the latest installment in the James Bond franchise.


The Observation Lounge 2: Look at the Numbers, A Little Drunk

Blood and Chrome, Girl Meets World, iPad mini, and The Commbadge. We discuss a grab bag of topics and revisit last week’s Disney Star Wars debate.


The Observation Lounge 1: A Walking Wookieepedia

Star Wars and Disney. In our first show from that vaunted room of staff meetingness we take on the purchase of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise by Disney.