Trek News & Views 94: One Long Root / by Trek fm

Barge of the Dead.

B'Elanna tried hard to distance herself from her Klingon side, but when she died in a shuttle accident she was forced to face her heritage in Gre'thor. In this episode of Trek News & Views we're joined by Mariel Keeran, Steve Roberts, and Michael J. Medeiros to discuss "Barge of the Dead," the probable sacrifice with which B'Elanna was faced, how much she came to embrace her Klingon background, and how she finally made peace with her mother. Plus, we discover that she is the MacGyver of Star Trek and that Voyager seems to be towing the universe's largest leola root across the Delta Quadrant.

In news we hear JJ apologize for the lens flares, crack open a book of Juan Ortiz's Trek art, catch the Voyage Trekkers season two finale, try on the ThinkGeek and Her Universe t-shirt contest, find out which captain voters feel had the most respect for The Prime Directive, and brush up our German for the next Destination Star Trek con. 


Running Time: 1 hours 26 minutes 36 seconds


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