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Star Trek Online Unveils Temporal Lock Boxes by Trek fm

Perfect World have announced new lock boxes for Star Trek Online that allow players to turn back time. The new Temporal Lock Boxes bring a host of ships from both the Prime and Mirror Universes, as well as new duty officers, uniforms, consoles, and more.

The Federation Wells Class and Klingon Korath Class temporal science vessels give players the ability to rewind time by 13 seconds. With this new ability you can effectively take a mulligan in the heat of battle. Got caught with your pants down? No problem. Rewind, raise shields, and tell Saavik to just keep on quoting regulations.

From science vessels to raptors to Braxton’s Aeon timeship, the new offerings introduce incredible variety to STO. Along with more gear like the time traveler jumpsuit, the content of these lock boxes and Lobi Crystal Store give you power over time itself.

For more details on the Temporal Lock Boxes tune in to our STO show Deck Eight. In episode 12, host Colin and Tom provide an in-depth look at the ships and other equipment that they contain.

Star Trek Online Unveils No-Win Scenario by Trek fm

In his latest dev blog entry, Star Trek Online Lead Content Designer Scott “Goatshark” Shicoff revealed some information about a new event coming to the game: The No-Win Scenario. And while Captain Kirk reprogrammed the computer so that it was possible to rescue the ship, you may not be so lucky.

In this event, captains will be put to the test as they take on wave after wave of enemy attacks. And like the Kobayashi Maru, it’s a simulation—thanks to the Holodeck training program. Still, you’ll want to win and the way to achieve this goal is by defeating the 10th and final wave.

A number of player awards are yours for the taking if you conquer the No-Win Scenario, and you can play by using the PvE Queue to join public or private queues. The event is available any time, but special dates and times that carry additional special awards will be announced as well.

No-Win Scenario will launch alongside STO Season 6: “Under Siege” and is available to both Federation and Klingon players. The event is designed for five-person groups and you must be a Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General to participate.

You can read the full blog entry on the STO website here.

Below is a look at the various locales, battles, and action you’ll find throughout Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online Goes Back to The Vault with a Multi-Player Shuttle Event by Trek fm

Star Trek Online continues to provide an immense virtual world for fans to explore following the move to free-to-play earlier this year. To further expand the gameplay options, STO is adding a new event that will take players back to The Vault. According to, the fast-paced “Vault Shuttle Event” will call upon five or more players to join forces in an effort to protect Obisek, the leader of the Reman Resistence, while on a very important mission to The Vault. The event is open to Federation Vice Admirals and Klingon Defense Force Lieutenant Generals.