The Observation Lounge 5: Ben Savage Walks Off Set / by Trek fm

Sequels, Transformers, and Child’s Play.

Violence erupts in this week’s episode of The Observation Lounge, detonating the panel and everything they stand for. Host Greg Harbin is joined by’s Drew Stewart and Tristan Riddell, along with Kathryn Brihan, to chat about some of this week’s geeky stories. Among the rundown: Syfy’s 20th anniversary, the future of TV distribution, a sequel to the Tron sequel, a man shoots his girlfriend over The Walking Dead, Ben Savage tries to save Girl Meets World, Japan builds actual Transformers, and Harrison Ford and Gavin Hood ruin Ender’s Game. In the staff meeting, Cory Doctorow proves the signal can’t be stopped, Matt Fraction proves sometimes all you need is a “Hawkguy,” The Dark Knight proves villains and heroes aren’t that different, and Child’s Play proves that gamers can give back. Oh, and the ISS Riddell releases his docking clamps.