Continuing Mission 49: C Is for Convergence / by Trek fm

Sam Cockings talks about his fan film.


Running Time: 54 minutes 56 seconds
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Co-host of the web series Trekyards, which focuses on the ships of Star Trek, Sam Cockings loves to share his passion for the franchise. This extends beyond deep dives into vessels to actually bringing new Trek stories to life through fan films. It’s an incredible creative release for some of the most diehard fans, but one that is not without pitfalls.

In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson is joined by Sam to learn what happened when his previous film project went head to head with CBS. We also discuss his latest venture, Convergence, and how it enters the realm of crossovers by gathering actors from multiple past productions to save the universe from total annihilation. The storyline is incredibly exciting and sure to please the most ardent Star Trek fan.

This is part two of a two-part interview with Sam, the first part of which can be found on Continuing Mission 44.


Intro (00:00:00)
Welcome Back, Sam! (00:02:13)
Did They Just Assume? (00:04:40)
You’ve Moved On (00:09:56)
A Fun Story to Write (00:15:48)
So Something Unique (00:20:10)
Slightly Off Topic Again (00:24:41)
No Prima Donnas (00:29:59)
It Looks Good (00:35:45)
The Campaign (00:39:15)
Back From The Future (00:45:18)
Closing (00:49:55)


Tony Robinson


Sam Cockings


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