Trekland Hosts TNG Screening Tickets Giveaway by Trek fm


Trekland, the blog of well-known Trek authority Larry Nemecek, is hosting a giveaway for tickets to the Fathom Events theater screening celebrating the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season two on Bluray on Nov. 29.

A pair of tickets will be given away for screenings in five major cities: Boston, New York City, Orlando, Chicago, or Seattle. 


  1. Visit Larry’s website,, and click on the yellow Newsletter box at left.
  2. In the “First Name” box, ignore that label and write your FULL NAME and complete mailing address: street, city, state, zip. 
  3. In the “Last Name” box, ignore that label as well and type one of the five “TICKET CITY” listed that is proximate to you—Boston, NYC, Chicago, Orlando, or Seattle, followed by the one-word answer to the following question:

In TNG Season 2, what major Star Trek “villain” group was introduced in what was originally going to be a “Part 2” episode to”Time Squared”?

  •  (Example:  “Orlando — THERMIANS*”)

Entry deadline is 6 p.m Eastern Time/ 3 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, Nov. 25. One entry allowed per person.


Five winners will be announced by Monday night on Nov. 26 from entries that submit the correct answer to the trivia question and a complete, useable email and mailing address; both are required in order to win. Fathom Events will be provided the five winners’ addresses, and will supply the prize tickets directly to them. Also, Fathom will award the specific theater passes as close as possible based on geography.

For further information about the contest and the TNG season 2 Bluray release event, please see

* - THERMIANS is not the correct answer.