The Ready Room 113: Date Recollection Savant / by Trek fm

The Voyager Conspiracy.


Alcoves have many uses. There's the obvious one—regeneration—but there are less common ones as well, like playing Matlock. When Seven decided she could analyse data better than the crew or the ship's computer, she found herself being pulled down a rabbit hole infested with photonic fleas. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Charlynn Schmiedt, Phillip Gilfus, and Daniel Proulx to discuss "The Voyager Conspiracy," why exactly Seven wanted to download 30 million teraquads of data into her brain in the first place, and just who exactly Naomi Wildman is working for.

In our news segment we find out what Gates McFadden and Brent Spiner have brewing on stage, how Gates is using Vine as a promotional tool, debate which Trek series has the best theme music is, and look at Bruce E. Drushel's new anthology Fan Phenomena: Star Trek.

Running Time: 2 hours 5 minutes 40 seconds


Christopher Jones and Charlynn Schmiedt



Phillip Gilfus and Daniel Proulx



Gates McFadden uses Vine to promote latest production
View Gates’s Vine Videos
The Trek series with the best theme music is…
Bruce E. Drushel collects Star Trek views in Fan Phenomena anthology


Feature: The Voyager Conspiracy

Kathy and Coco Gettin’ Cozy
House of Cards
Compelling Theories
Reviving Old Divisions
I Think I’m a Drone Now…
Touching Moments
Date Recollection Savant
Final Thoughts


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