The Ready Room 144: Livingston, You Will Be Assimilated / by Trek fm

I, Borg.

Running Time: 1 hour 44 minutes 56 seconds
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When you think about how long-lived Star Trek is, it’s incredible to think that the storytelling moment that has been nearly impossible to top came 24 years ago. “The Best of Both Worlds” was so big, so bold, so impactful that the writers shied away from returning to the story's villain, the Borg, because, well, where do you go from there? Two seasons later they finally hit on an approach that could bring back the Borg in a unique way that did not require trying to top the famous cliffhanger.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Charlynn Schmiedt, Daniel Proulx, and Tyler Johnson to discuss the story that was born during a writers' retreat in 1991. The concept became “I, Borg,” and for such a quiet story it had lasting repercussions on the future of Star Trek. We discuss the dilemma faced by the Enterprise crew, whether or not the story defangs the Borg, Beverly's seeming naivity, Geordi's way with machines, whether or not it and "The Best of Both Worlds" violate canon, and how First Contact Picard can be seen in this episode.

In our new segment we find out what kind of parade Shatner will be leading in Canada, how he and Kate Mulgrew love to jab each other at conventions, and what happens on a starship bridge when you stabilize it.


Christopher Jones and Charlynn Schmiedt



Daniel Proulx and Tyler Johnson



Shatner to lead the Calgary Stampede (3:06)
Sponsor: TrekFan (9:21)
Shatner and Mulgrew jab each other in Chicago (12:26)
Star Trek Stabilized (18:12)


Feature: I, Borg

Overview (26:36)
Bringing Back the Borg (29:28)
Getting to Know Hugh (38:48)
First Contact Picard... Before First Contact (48:37)
Making Friends with a Borg (52:10)
Ethics or Naivity? (1:05:25)
Repercussions (1:15:35)
Final Thoughts (1:24:34)
Closing (1:32:34)



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