Captain's Log 31: Greatness Adjusted for Inflation: Meet the Best Trek Ever by Trek fm

It’s probably safe to assume that you have your favorite version of Star Trek that you’ll readily defend until the sun explodes. Whether you’re an Original Series purist, a Picard-Diehard, a fan of the Abramsverse, or you just love it all, you’re one of the millions of dedicated fans across the globe.

Aside from one of the most diversified science fiction franchises of all time, it’s also one of the few that has truly withstood the test of time. When you stack Star Trek against some of the other popular science fiction brands, it becomes clear that it will always be towards the top of the heap. Let's look at how Trek stacks up against other franchises, and how the series compare to one another.

Running Time: 5 minutes 49 seconds


Jesse Merkel



Christopher Jones

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Captain's Log 30: Deep Space Nine: The Most Unique Star Trek by Trek fm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was rare for its time. It was a sci-fi character study, an action-heavy war tale, and an emotional tale of redemption. It discussed morals without being preachy, and it showcased a diverse cast without coming across as holier-than-thou. For these and many other reasons, it has become a personal favorite of many. Some of the things that make DS9 unique are easily visible, while others take a bit of digging. In this Captain's Log, Jesse Merkel digs into what made the series different from other Trek as we knew it.

Running Time: 9 minutes 7 seconds


Jesse Merkel



Christopher Jones

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Captain's Log 29: Captains Under Pressure: How Starfleet's Finest Handle Adversity by Trek fm

Anyone who knows Star Trek knows that its protagonist organization, the United Federation of Planets, is a near-utopian paradise. People work to better themselves and the rest of their Federation citizens collectively. It is as close to paradise as one can get.

However, what happens when that is threatened? What happens when good people, who strongly believe in upholding their principles, are pushed to the edge? Do they give up rather than violate them? Do they find a logical and peaceful way to help themselves and their comrades, or do they give in and do something rash in an attempt to stop the “bad guys?”

In the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries, the Starfleet captain is the epitome of all that is right and good. Still, they’re human. Let’s look at each of these captains, shall we?

Running Time: 14 minutes 17 seconds


Jesse Merkel



Christopher Jones



Captain James T. Kirk (Prime Universe)
Captain Jean Luc Picard
Captain Benjamin Sisko
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Captain Jonathan Archer
Captain James T. Kirk (Abramsverse)


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Captain's Log 28: Devils in a Red Dress: Evil Admirals of The Next Generation by Trek fm

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of his Enterprise faced many villains including demi-god aliens, self-aware holodeck characters, and Data’s cat, Spot. But one of the reoccurring “baddies” of The Next Generation were those fashionistas of the 24th century: Starfleet admirals. Which begs the question: Do you sell your soul once you get promoted above that fourth pip? In this Captain's Log Phillip Gilfus takes us through the history of Starfleet's belt buckle-wearing top brass and how they've made life hard for our heroes. That's right. "Badmirals" are reporting for duty.

Captain's Log 27: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Holodeck Programs by Trek fm

With Microsoft recently developing a basic “holo-desk” program that allows users to manipulate 3-D computer-generated objects, a second look has been given to Star Trek holodeck programs and their uses.  Whether holodecks were used for training, medical programs, sports and recreation, the re-creation of real-life characters, novels, childrens’ entertainment and learning, or even sex, the programs filled a need in starship crews’ lives. In this Captain’s Log we take a look at the those times when the holodeck was used well, those times when it wasn’t, and those moments that simply left you shaking your head.

Captain's Log 26: Endgame: Voyager Finds Her Way Home by Trek fm

When Voyager premiered in January 1995 it brought with it a bold new approach to Star Trek. By tossing aside the familiar surroundings and races of the Alpha Quadrant, the writers could unchain themselves from the 300+ hours of Star Trek that had come before. It was to be an opportunity to explore strange new worlds in a way not seen since the original five-year mission of Kirk and Spock. But something happened along the way, and where we ended up isn’t exactly where we thought we were going. In this Captain’s Log, Christopher Jones takes a critical look back at the series from the perspective of “Endgame.”

Captain's Log 25: Voyager Season One Wrap-up by Trek fm

The first season of Voyager brought us a wide variety of stories as Janeway and her crew learned to deal with life in the Delta Quadrant. Some were hits and some were misses. In this Captain’s Log, Voyager Editor Charlynn Schmiedt takes a look at how the overall ratings stack up for Voyager’s initial outing.

Captain's Log 24: Living In The Future: PADDs by Trek fm

Know what away teams damn near always carry? Tricorders for scannin’! Phasers for stunnin’! Communicators for squawkin’! Sometimes they even pack specialized tools for more potent self-defense. Know what away teams almost never carry, though? PADDs. The forgettable, un-sung heroes of the Star Trek universe.

Before 2010, anyone—even the more casual Trek fan—could be forgiven for forgetting what a PADD is. The devices represent the futuristic equivalent of a clipboard: a utilitarian, information-carrying slate no more remarkable to the citizens of the Federation than a cling-film sketch pad to us. At one time PADDs might have taken the crown of Star Trek’s Most Unremarkable Prop. That is, until humanity built a slew of more-capable devices… three centuries early.

Let’s take a look at the PADDs of today and the apps available to Trek-ify your mobile life. 

Captain's Log 23: Rewriting Trek by Trek fm

The fictional universe of Star Trek represents one possible future. That future has been assembled by numerous writers over the course of 45 years, six television series, and eleven feature films. When dealing with such a long span of time, so many contributors, and the evolving nature of society, it’s only natural that elements of this universe will change, stories will contradict one another, and early ambiguities will be filled in by later treks. Yet there is a prevailing feeling that every subsequent incarnation of Star Trek must adhere to its predecessors without fail. And when it doesn’t, the deviation can set off a firestorm within fandom. Let’s take a closer look at the fine line that writers walk and at some of the moments that have been labeled “rewriting Trek.”

Captain's Log 22: The Best of Star Trek: Voyager by Trek fm

Most people I’ve talked to would call finding the top five Star Trek: Voyager episodes a game of Boggle. “Shake the episodes and just pick five. They’re all the same level of garbage.” But there are a few, like myself, who look at Voyager and see classic SF adventure that has more to offer than just a rainbow-colored lizard chef. So here are my picks for the five best episodes.