IMAX offers Limited-Edition "Into Darkness" Print with New Program by Trek fm

IMAX has introduced a new program, IMAX FANFIX, formerly known as their IMAX 12:01 program. The point of this program is to “reward the most avid IMAX fans with limited edition, collectible prints for select films.” What does this mean for Star Trek fans? Those who go to select IMAX theaters for the 8pm showing of Into Darkness on May 15 will receive a unique print by artist Mark Englert. According to TrekMovie.com, this print also glows in the dark.


Abramsverse TV Series Opening Credits Sequence by Trek fm

Following the 2009 reboot of Star Trek by J.J. Abrams many fans have speculated on what an Abramsverse TV series might look like. It’s a farfetched concept to be fair, but it’s still fun to think about.

As a taste of what could be, Tobbii Karlsson, known as SirTobbii on YouTube, has recut portions of the opening and closing of Star Trek 2009 to create an impressive credits sequence for the series based on the alternate timeline. As Simon Pegg’s Scotty would “It’s exciting!”

Visit Karlsson’s YouTube channel for more videos.