Trek Nation Special Screening at San Diego Comic-Con and DVD Release Info by Trek fm

Roddenberry Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing its Saturn Award-nominated film, Trek Nation, to San Diego’s Birch North Park Theatre on July 12 at 7 p.m. This special event will kick off Comic-Con weekend, and the 90-minute film will be followed by an intimate question and answer session with Trek Nation Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry.

There is no cost for the event, but only a limited number of tickets are available to those who RSVP. To secure your spot visit the Trek Nation website at and click the “special screening sign-up” on the front page. Confirmation of each RSVP will guarantee entrance into the theater for the movie showing and Q & A session.

In addition, Trek Nation will be coming to DVD in autumn. While this is still quite a few months away, you can get your hands on it in advance exclusively at the Roddenberry Comic-Con booth and on-site at the Birch North Park Theatre at the July 12th event. Plus, Rod will be available to sign purchased DVDs after the Q&A session during a meet-and-greet at West Coast Tavern.

Trek Nation and White Room: 02B3 Make Their International Premieres by Trek fm

International fans have been patiently awaiting Rod Roddenberry’s documentary TrekNation, which aired exclusively in the United States on The Science Channel last November. And at last the Saturn Award-nominated film will make its international debut on May 7 at the 11th Annual Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film in London’s Apollo Piccadilly Circus.

The showing will take place at 4:55 p.m. local time and will appear as part of a Roddenberry Entertainment double feature along with the company’s groundbreaking 360-degree film White Room: 02B3. It’s been a long wait but the time is finally here.

Below is the official press release for even more details…


Trek Nation and White Room: 02B3 Make International Debuts at Sci-Fi London

UK fans get double feature when Roddenberry Entertainment films land in England

LONDON; April 24, 2012 — Roddenberry Entertainment, the successor of the science fiction pioneer that brought television and film audiences Star Trek, announced today that its Saturn Award-nominated film Trek Nation will make it’s much anticipated international debut on May 7 at the 11th Annual Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film in London’s Apollo Piccadilly Circus at 4:55 p.m. local time. The film will appear as part of a Roddenberry Entertainment double feature along with the company’s groundbreaking 360-degree film White Room: 02B3.

Trek Nation made its US debut in November 2011 on SCIENCE Channel to acclaimed reviews of Rod Roddenberry’s tribute to his father, Gene Roddenberry, including a nomination from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films for a 2012 Saturn Award in the “Best Television Presentation (10 Episodes or Less)” category. Through exclusive footage and interviews with devoted fans, including George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Seth MacFarlane and many notable Star Trek alumni, Trek Nation chronicled a son’s journey to discover his father and the creation that helped define modern-day science fiction.

“By exploring my father through a variety of untapped touchstones, we were able to introduce the world to a Gene Roddenberry it’s never met before. Through this process of humanization, Trek Nation reminds us that none of us are perfect but that within our imperfections lays the potential for greatness,” said Executive Producer Rod Roddenberry.

While it will be the first time a European audience is given the opportunity to view the documentary in its entirety, Sci-Fi-London will also play host to the world premier of Roddenberry Entertainment’s new film White Room: 02B3. Shot with the world’s most advanced high-definition 360-degree camera, White Room: 02B3 stars Breckin Meyer, Tamlyn Tomita, David Blue and Rachel True, as well as Internet icons Tony Janning and Milynn Sarley. The film will debut during the Blink of an Eye program on Saturday, May 5 at 4:55 p.m. local time before it’s screened with Trek Nation on May 7.

Boldly going where no camera has gone before, Roddenberry Entertainment used cutting edge 360-degree SA9 camera technology to create an engaging, interactive audience experience. Sitting in the middle of the room, the camera captures 360-degrees outward in high-definition panoramic video with no gaps or distortion during filming.


While White Room: 02B3 is premiering at film festivals, Roddenberry will also launch it as an immersive cinematic trailblazer in 360-degree dome theaters around the country and as an interactive experience online. A click-and-drag function will simulate the dome experience.

“In addition to quality science fiction, Roddenberry is known for taking strides into new technologies and pushing entertainment boundaries. With White Room: 02B3 we are certainly at the birth of a new kind of filmmaking,” said Trevor Roth, chief operating officer and head of development at Roddenberry Entertainment.

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About Roddenberry Entertainment

Roddenberry Entertainment is a science-fiction leader with a tradition of revolutionary entertainment. Originally founded in 1967 by Gene Roddenberry, the company has since led a steady stable of science-fiction successes including Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and, most notably, Star Trek. Roddenberry Entertainment has continued to bring the Roddenberry philosophy to a new generation and has evolved its groundbreaking science fiction into an innovative, multimedia portfolio of graphic novels, comics, television and film projects, while continuing its unique tradition in quality merchandising. With insightful explorations of humanity, Roddenberry Entertainment has set itself apart by creating smart and provocative science fiction that challenges its audiences to think, question and explore the world, as well as those beyond. For more information on Roddenberry Entertainment please visit Roddenberry Entertainment can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Last Day for Larry Nemecek's "Con of Wrath" Donor Upgrade Special by Trek fm


In the spirit of Oscars weekend, today marks the last day of Larry Nemecek’s “donor upgrade special” for THE CON OF WRATH documentary’s fan “crowdfunding” program. Through midnight Pacific Time on Monday, February 27, you get a bump up in thank-you goodies to the next stated level. So for example make a $50 donation and get the same goodies normally tied to a $100 donation. Everyone still gets a screen credit, too.

It’s all part of the first phase of filming for “The Con of Wrath”—using a lot of can-do, hands-on donations from fans in return for screen credit and customary fan thank-you gifts—on eight levels ranging from just $10 and $25 on up, using the PayPal Donation system. Goodies range from an official poster all the way up to co-producer credits.

And this “special” expiring tonight helps Larry jump-start the spring filming sessions for the documentary, with a reward “upgrade” for fans who can help with a donation from $10 to $500 in Phase I of filming.

Find out more about the latest developments in this TREKLAND post, including Larry’s recent shoot with Starlog founder Kerry O’Quinn (shown together in the photo above).

If you have not heard of THE CON OF WRATH—either the original 1982 Ultimate Fantasy “meltdown to miracle” landmark Trek debacle in Houston, or Larry’s documentary about it now filming after a few sessions in L.A., Seattle and of course Houston—check out the preview below with Harve Bennett and Walter Koenig.

We also have a half-hour interview with Larry about the project here on in an episode of Matter Stream for an even more in-depth look.

You can visit for even more info to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the project, and find Con of Wrath and TREKLAND on Facebook.

Visit this page to donate to THE CON OF WRATH documentary project.