Larry Nemecek Presents TREKLAND: On Speaker “Future Voices, Passed” by Trek fm


The digital age has brought us a wealth of supplemental material about Star Trek. But no one has spent more face time with the franchise’s actors and creators than “Dr. Trek” himself, Larry Nemecek.

Now, in the first disc of “TREKLAND: On Speaker,” Larry digs into his archives for interviews with Trek luminaries who have since left us. “Future Voices, Passed” offers never-before-heard material with Michael Piller, Mark Lenard, Jerry Fleck, and Bob Justman.

We had the pleasure here at of working with Larry on the project, as our publisher, Christopher Jones, designed the album packaging and worked on the audio along with Ted Peterson.

Larry offered the first disc as an exclusive at Star Trek Las Vegas earlier this month. The special con edition was limited to 50 discs.

For those interested who could not make it to STLV, Larry is making some additional copies available for purchase by mail. If you’re interested in picking up these rare interviews, drop Larry a line of over on his website

For a preview, watch the video below, which we put together for Star Trek Las Vegas.

LeVar Burton On The Verge by Trek fm

LeVar Burton is one of our favorite actors from Star Trek, and he recently sat down with Joshua Topolsky on an episode of On The Verge to talk about a range of topics. Up for discussion were his new Reading Rainbow app for iPad, what it’s like to be an Internet Meme, and of course his iconic role as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge. It’s an excellent interview and highlights both the humor and the intellect of Burton that makes him not only an inspiration for Star Trek fans, but for generations of children as well.

Watch the full interview below, and find more great interviews at

Nimoy Talks Acting, Directing, and Photography with Hero Complex by Trek fm

While the role of Spock has come to define Leonard Nimoy in the minds of most people, it’s only one facet of the life of this very talented man. Nimoy’s career has spanned many disciplines as he has become an accomplished actor, director, and photographer.

Recently Nimoy sat down with L.A. Times reporter Geoff Boucher (also of the Nerdist Channel) for an interview on Hero Complex: The Show. In the interview Nimoy talks candidly about his career and about the lasting cultural impact of Star Trek.

In addition, he delves into the making of Star Treks III and IV and how his passion for—and approach to—photography has been influenced by his acting and directing.

Watch Part I below. Part II will be released soon.

Cumberbatch Stumped by MTV Star Trek Quiz by Trek fm

Well… at least we are to believe that he is stumped. Certainly there have been actors who, upon entering into their roles, knew little about Star Trek. But the questions here are designed to elicit information about the upcoming film. The result? Cumberbatch seems to be a fantastic actor. Have a watch for yourself.