Tom Hardy’s Nemesis Screen Test by Trek fm

Nemesis has been much maligned by Star Trek fans as the movie that killed the Next Generation film series. While this is probably not a fair assessment—there were many factors that converged at that time—there were certainly controversial decisions made. Stuart Baird’s direction and (lack of) understanding of Star Trek turned off many fans.

Another often discussed decision was the use of Picard’s clone as the villain and the casting of little-known actor Tom Hardy in the role. Nemesis was just Hardy’s fourth film, and since then he has gone on to become an accomplished screen presence. Currently he plays Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and soon will begin filming the Cicero trilogy as Al Capone.

So what went into that decision to cast the young Hardy as Shinzon? Take a look at this video which offers up footage of his screen test with Patrick Stewart. Let us know what you think about Hardy and his performance as Shinzon.


Star Trek: The Motion Picture Soundtrack Being Refitted by La-La Land Records by Trek fm

There’s something in the air—or the space-time continuum—that has caused record companies to shower us with new releases of classic Trek soundtracks over the past six months. Now La-La Land Records brings us the most beautifully packaged collection yet with a 3-CD set for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, set for release on June 5.

Bruce Botnick has restored and remixed all 37 original 16-track 2-inch sound rolls to bring fans the most definitive version of Jerry Goldsmith’s score ever released. Limited to 10,000 units, the first two discs feature the original score while Disc Three delivers many bonuses including the disco cover version of the TMP theme by Bob James. That’s a must for your next viewing party, by the way.


And speaking of parties, the release is accompanied by a “Soundtrack Celebration” on June 4th at 7:30 p.m. at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

To purchase tickets for the Soundtrack Celebration visit TicketBud. Tickets are $17.50 in advance or $20 at the door. The soundtrack will be available for a special price of $30 (cash only) at the event, and Bruce Botnick and Craig Huxley will be on hand to sign copies.

You can get more information about the event from and about the album at La-La Land Records.


GNP Crescendo Releases Jerry Goldsmith's Complete Score from "First Contact" by Trek fm


It’s an exciting time for music lovers as we’re being treated to a steady stream of Star Trek film score releases. Hot off the warp trails of Star Trek IV and Star Trek VI comes the long-sought, limited-edition recording of Jerry Goldsmith’s complete score for Star Trek: First Contact.

This time the release comes from GNP Crescendo and nearly doubles the material of the original 45-minute CD from 1996. This expanded collector’s edition contains almost 80 minutes of music that delivers Goldsmith’s complete work. It also includes a 16-page booklet with film stills and notes by Jeff Bond and John Takis. Star Trek: First Contact—Complete Motion Picture Score is available now from GNP exclusively on a physical disc for $19.98. There are 10,000 units available, so it’s rather limited.

Here’s what you’ll find on the disc:

Track Listing

1. Main Title/Locutus
2. How Many Ships
3. Battle Watch
4. Red Alert
5. Temporal Wake
6. Shields Down
7. The Phoenix
8. They’re Here
9. 39.1 Degrees Celsius
10. Search for the Borg
11. Retreat
12. No Success
13. Borg Montage
14. Welcome Aboard
15. Stimulation
16. Smorgasborg
17. Getting Ready
18. Fully Functional
19. The Dish
20. Objection Noted
21. Not Again
22. Evacuate
23. New Orders/All the Time
24. Flight of the Phoenix
25. First Contact
26. End Credits

Bonus Tracks

27. The Phoenix [Alternate Take]
28. Borg Montage [Alternate Take]
29. Main Title [Alternate Take]

Running time 79:13

Order your copy from GNP Crescendo’s online store.