Fan Mosaics Gives You a Chance to Be Part of TNG's 25th Anniversary Celebration by Trek fm

Friday, September 28, 2012, officially marked the 25th Anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and to help celebrate Fan Mosaics is giving you a chance to send your photo to the 24th Century.

The official commemorative print follows on the heals of last year’s TOS offerings, and will use fan photos to create a beautiful rendition of the Enterprise 1701-D.

You can upload your photo at no cost through October 28 and view the final product on November 5, at which time you can order the 24” x 36” print if you so choose.

A special search tool allows you to locate your photo in the final print as you become part of television—and in fact human—history.

And if we may suggest… send in a photo of yourself doing a barrel roll.

To find out more and upload your photo, visit

Bye Bye Robot Brings New Fine Art to Star Trek Fans by Trek fm

Fans who enjoy collecting Star Trek-inspired art now have a new source: Bye Bye Robot. Founded in 2011 by Charity and Chris Wood, who many of you know from their fan site Subspace Communique, Bye Bye Robot is an independent publisher of art.

CBS Consumer Products has granted Bye Bye Robot a license to produce official Star Trek artwork and the first pieces on offer are the “NCC-1701,” “Boldy Go,” and “Cold Blooded” Canvas Giclee Limited Run Fine Art Prints, and the “Troubbles” Paper Giclee Limited Run Fine Art Print. “NCC 1701” and “Boldy Go” both feature the Enterprise, while “Cold Blooded” features—you guessed it—the Gorn. And of course where there are “Troubbles” there must be Tribbles.

To find out more about these prints visit the Bye Bye Robot website, and see the official press release below.


Bye Bye Robot Boldly Goes Online with a New Site for Original Star Trek Fine Art Today

Visual Art and Star Trek™ Fans Now Have New Works to Add to Their Collections

Austin, Texas—February 29, 2012 Bye Bye Robot is launching a new web site today——to sell original, licensed prints in the U.S.A. with imagery from Star Trek: The Original Series™. These will soon be followed by new paintings of Star Trek: The Next Generation™, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine™, Star Trek: Voyager™, Star Trek: Enterprise™, and the subsequent Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation movies.

“Today marks the start of Bye Bye Robot’s online presence. It is the culmination of our passion—and the passion of all the great fans—for Star Trek that is truly being displayed,” says Charity Wood, Co-Founder and Artist of the new small business.

Chris Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Robot, adds, “We started with Subspace Communique, our fansite, years ago and have watched the fanbase of Star Trek grow stronger ever since. They want more, and now we have the opportunity to provide a bit more for them. It’s a very exciting time for us.”

The prints, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, are completely original works which will be sold in limited runs, hand signed and numbered by the artist. Based on demand, the original paintings may also be sold in the future. To see images of the art and for more information, go to

Both Charity and Chris Wood will be attending conventions throughout the upcoming year, including Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, with plans to have a booth at each for Bye Bye Robot.

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About Bye Bye Robot, LLC

Founded in 2011 by Charity and Chris Wood, Bye Bye Robot is an independent publisher of art. Currently, they are a licensed seller of original works of art based on all of Gene Roddenberry’s live action Star Trek™ TV series plus Original Series and Next Generation movies. Bye Bye Robot is dedicated to creating deeply immersive, visually spectacular pieces of art that will amaze and inspire viewers for generations.